The Young Historian’s Club

The Young Historian’s Club

Since 2011, the Dulag 121 Museum has had its own Young Historians’ Club. During weekly classes, Club members have the opportunity to learn about the fascinating history of Poland, Europe, and the world. We know that history does not have to be boring, which is why we focus on informal activities. During the meetings we discuss history, talk about historical movies, play historical games, and reconstruct old costumes, buildings, and cities. And when the weather is good, we go out to look for traces of Pruszków’s history. Every year we schedule the classes to be the most convenient for club members. All meetings of the Club are free of charge and tailored to the age of the participants.

Currently, the Young Historian’s Club has two sections: for children aged 7-12, and for youth aged 13-15. You are most welcome! You can sign up by phone (22) 758 86 63 or by e-mail:

The 7-12 year-olds’ section

The younger section of the Club meets in two groups: the 1st group every Tuesday from 3-5 in the afternoon, and the 2nd group on Saturdays from 10-12 in the morning. Our experienced animator, Dominika Małgowska, conducts classes on intriguing aspects of local history, the history of Poland, and the world in a form adjusted to the needs of children. They recreate old costumes, build models of cities, sculpt in clay, paint, draw, and take part in games and activities whose leitmotif is history. In summer, if only the weather allows it, classes take place in the open air.

The 13-15 year-olds’ section

The older section of the Club meets every Monday afternoon from 3:30-5:30. The classes are conducted by the historian Jacek Zegarłowicz in the form of a discussion club, during which club members talk about the most important people and events in the history of Poland and the world, discuss historical films, archival photographs, maps and documents. Other activities include playing historical board games and RPGs, taking part in workshops to creating, and going on field-trips tracing the history of Pruszków.

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